A Portrait, Documentary Photography Studio
A Passionate bunch of photographers.

The New Movement

We are two photographers that love to capture the moments that stay with you for a lifetime.

By creating Stec Studios we wanted to create the most professional and relaxed atmosphere possible whilst supplying our signature quality look of images to the client.

Stec Studios isn’t just a place to take pictures, it’s a place where, through capturing portraits, we try to find out more about the subject through capturing their soul. And when photographing documentary style event photography, we focus on capturing the decisive moment/candid photographs throughout the special day.

Our vision of the world

A portrait and documentary photographers , who love to click, sail & travel.

Smena-8m was the first camera in my possession in 1985, created around 3000 photos mostly during soaring. I was totally preoccupied with the darkroom photo processing. The next camera was zenit-ttl. Even when i was absorbed by sailing, photography has played important role in my life. After some time I have decided to master my photography. Together with Adam, who found himself within portrait – fashion photography we have decided to develop the knowledge of the art of photography and finally we opened the Stec Studios.

“Photography can only represent the present. Once photographed, the subject becomes part of the past.” - B. Abbott


Capturing Imaginations since 2013, Love to Click, Sail & Travel .
Adam Stec
Adam Stec


Dariusz Stec
Dariusz Stec


Stec Studios - Portrait, Documentary Photography Studio in Northamptonshire.


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